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Future Youth Club LED Light Therapy Mask

$248.00 $298.00 saving $50.00
Future Youth Club LED Light Therapy Mask

Future Youth Club LED Light Therapy Mask

$248.00 $298.00 saving $50.00
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Love the results in 60-days or your money back, no questions asked

Lifetime warranty

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My bedtime ritual

I use this every night as part of my before bed routine and my skin is glowing in the morning. I just love this item. I am now doing two programmes making a total facial of half an hour - two 15 minute sessions. The mask fit perfectly, I just adjusted it at the back until I found a position that worked.


Very relaxing and great results

It took me 4 or 5 times of using before I got the mask to fit comfortably, but now I just put it on and it is so comfortable and a very relaxing experience. I find if I put the elastic just sitting above my ears it is perfect but the best is obviously the results. I am no spring chicken and I really look after my skin but I could not get over the difference with this product. My face looks plumper, firmer and the lines are becoming less noticeable with continued use. I am using every night and really enjoying the experience., I feel you need to persevere with the mask I noticed a review say that it was uncomfortable, but I feel they just need to adjust it slightly and really thats all it takes


A marvellous device!

I am someone who rarely writes reviews unless something is either extremely good or utterly dreadful; however, having inadvertently caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror this morning and being surprised at the somewhat younger version of myself looking back at me, I felt compelled to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). I am a 58 year old woman who was tempted to give this a try in an attempt to assuage the effects of a busy lifestyle. I have used it every other day since just before Christmas, alternating between anti-aging radiance and anti-aging purify. The results thus far include a fuller, much softer skin, reduced eye-bags and a lessening in the depth and length of those weird lines that stretch from the nose down to either side of the mouth. The device is easy to use with the 15 minutes passing quite rapidly, the only downside being my dogs growl at me whilst I'm wearing it. As the title says, I think it is a marvellous device!


Happy to recommend

I've now been using this for over two months and so feel I can give an objective review. I bought this on the 60 day return basis, figuring that I could return this if I didn't see demonstrable results and I have kept it so I must be happy with the results! It's become part of my daily routine and I generally use it for around 20 to 30 minutes each evening, generally completing 2 programmes. It's easy to use, relatively comfortable (you'll need to adjust the strap so it's not too tight / not too loose but this is easily done) and you can sit back and relax and watch TV or read whilst it does it's work. So, I'm 41 years old and have always looked after and maintained my skin and don't have any really deep lines or wrinkles - just a few fine line around the eyes and a few deeper frown lines (between the brows - 11's). What I noticed pretty much straight away is a discernible and improved clarity to my skin and a noticeable plumpness to the skin. For me personally, this item has made a difference but I don't know how much effect it would have if you were looking to improve deeper wrinkles or more obvious textural irregularities. For those looking to improve the general look and clarity of the skin then I really do think this makes a difference. I've given 4 out of 5 because of the devices inability to reach the eye area because of the goggles, but overall I would recommend this product.

Daisy G.

Been using now for four weeks

Had this now for 4 weeks and have been using it on the Anti Aging setting every other day, My skin is radiant and pores now completely invisible, skin tone is more even. I use one small pump of my favorite serum which lightly covers the face. It does take a little getting used to wearing at first but now I don't even notice I have it on and the 10 minutes fly by. People have commented on how 'well' I look.

Tessie T.

Not botox, but still great

I feel I have now used mask for a good length of time to review. I have noticed a fantastic difference in my skin tone. My face is plumper. Lines have reduced. I definitely won't be returning. Let's be honest girls out there. It's not a filler or botox. I prefer more natural ways to improve my looks. And this has happened

Laura B.

Very quick results

I have been using this mask every other day and have noticed results very quickly. I tend to use the 15 minute programmes for anti-aging and can see a massive difference. My skin looks and feels firmer (particularly muscularly/plumpness) and the texture has improved. The pores on my nose and cheeks have refined so that they are no longer visible and are clear. I wear the mask whilst watching telly with no problems. The fitting was a bit tight at first, but I have adjusted the strap so that it sits comfortably on the face and have had no problems.


So worth the purchase

My esthetician uses a red light therapy device during my visits so I was excited to try this mask out! The strap works but honestly it's much more comfortable to use it while you are lying down. It's been 3 weeks of consistently using only using the red and blue lights, and I'm already seeing excellent results! I have mild eczema and I feel the red light has helped with keeping my skin smoother and overall better pigmentation. I'm even more excited about the blue light though, because I can honestly say that since using it I have a lot less breakouts! I used both lights for 15min a day starting at lvl 2 the first week, eventually increasing to lvl 5 by the second week. I'm going to try out the green and yellow lights soon!

Kathy L.

This mask is so, so good.

I purchased this mainly for the purifying function as I have blemish prone, oily t zone, combination skin. I already have an LED 'pen' for treating individual blemishes which works well for me so I know the benefits of LED for the skin. But it's a pain using a pen to treat an area of skin as you can imagine it takes ages. This mask is so so good. I have been using it every day rotating between the 'purify' and 'anti age+purify' programmes - it's addictive because it gives me results. My skin is clearer as I expected it would be and it also feels smoother and more plump.


Will be keeping

Am very happy with the results I am getting from this mask. Simple to use. Obviously have to make sure it fits comfortably but this does not take long. Have been using the mask as much as i can. My skin is not as dull and has more of a glow. My jawline is looking firmer and my face just looks more refreshed smoother and younger. Will be keeping.


Will keep using

Been a bit poorly this year and my skin has suffered as a result. Used so far 5 times, skin does feel softer and looks happier. My teenage son has also used, been suffering with acne and blackheads. He's used only 3 times (purify setting) and his skin is notably clearer, he uses his own acne control cream following a 10min treatment. I do agree it's not most natural feeling wearing the mask, limited view and I'm always aware of my breathing. Will continue using, happy so far

Carolyn B.

Use this every night

I have used this mask the night I got it on Tuesday and after only one use my face was so plump and dewy. I was wrapping presents whilst using it and it is so lightweight. It took a couple of adjustments of the headband to make the eye bit be in the right place, but I got it right very quickly. I have a lot of skin treatment machines (Tria laser, Nuface etc) and this is going to sit alongside them as one of my favourites.


So pleased I purchased it

Firstly I must say that I have good skin and have often been told that I don't look my age. I put this down to good genetics and Gatineau. However using this mask nearly everyday (timeless facial) has given my skin a wonderful radiance and it feels firmer. I use my own serums Gatineau or SBC collagen. I have absolutely no problems with the mask and I am so pleased that I purchased it.


Easy to use and comfortable

I have tried this several times now. I find it easy to use and perfectly comfortable. The eye protectors are very soft and it's not all claustrophobic. Air circulated fine and I can wear it whatever l'm doing. So far I have only used the balance facial- I am liking the way my skin is responding.



The difference this has made to my skin is unbelievable, I'm in my late thirties and have noticed signs of aging lately, I've tried lots of creams and nothing has made any difference except this. My skin is brighter, clearer and more youthful, love it. If your thinking about purchasing, just go for it, you won't regret it


Great results so far

I have been using my face mask while using my body blade, cooking, reading, watching TV and dare I admit walking my dog at 5 before my 6am shift .... you need too make sure you have the strap that holds the face mask in place correctly fitted, it's like buying a new bra it takes a few adjustments .... my skin tone and pigmentation has improved greatly.

The Future Youth LED Light Therapy Mask has 165 clinical LED lights that provide an esthetician grade treatment in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Backed with years of science and R&D, our LED mask has a set of product features unlike anything else on the market. This allows us to offer not only a lifetime warranty, but also a no questions asked money back guarantee (read more about the guarantee on the bottom of this page).

Key product features

  • Nanometer specific LED wavelength calibration - Red (635nm), Blue (470nm) and Green (525nm) 
  • Ability to combine multiple color settings (five colors in total)
  • LED output of 35 joules/cm2, which ensures an esthetician grade treatment and lasting results
  • ZERO emission of EMF and BPA free
  • ZERO UV light or anything else that could be harmful to your skin 
  • Soft silicon eye protection built into the mask
  • Ergonomic design with the mask 'sitting off' your face, with the LEDs not in direct contact with your skin.
  • Hands-free with a wireless controller
  • Safe for all skin types and tested against international safety standards

Benefits of LED light therapy

Most people start to see noticeable results after just four weeks with significant results achieved after eight weeks. 

Each LED light color has its own specific effect with benefits that have been demonstrated through dozens of clinical studies. Read more about each of the benefits by clicking through the colors below.

As well as the three default colors above, the Future Youth LED Light Mask allows you to combine color combinations to create five colors in total. Doing this effectively means that you are combining two treatments into the one session. For example, you could run the red and blue LED lights simultaneously (to create purple) and you would receive both anti-ageing and anti acne benefits. 

Before and after

LED light therapy works best with consistent use over a number of weeks and in addition to your normal skin care routine. For best results, we recommend applying either a hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C serum to your face prior to using the Future Youth LED Light Mask as the LED treatment will help to amplify the benefits you get from applying these serums.

More information about the Future Youth LED Light Mask